Buying Balloons

Buying Balloons: Which Ones Should You Go For?

Got a big event coming up? Can't decide if you need a latex ballon or foil balloon selection? Foil balloons and latex balloons each have advantages and disadvantages. Before buying balloons, you should understand what you're looking for.

Here, we've assembled a quick guide on latex balloon and foil balloon products. So, before you're next party, birthday, wedding, or other event, be sure to refer to this guide!

Latex Balloon Advantages

The latex in latex balloons are a highly versatile material. You can stretch and tie them up to make up different shapes and even balloon animals. Latex balloon material is also biodegradable, and thus it is quite environmentally friendly.

A latex balloon is also an excellent choice for those on a tight budget. Indeed, you can buy dozens of latex balloons for less than 100 Rand. Their lightweight nature also makes them a fun combination with helium. So, when buying balloons, be sure to consider latex.

Disadvantages of Latex Balloons

Despite their versatility and affordability, latex balloons also have several disadvantages. For example, latex is a permeable material, so helium-filled balloons will eventually deflate. But, you can also use a special gel on the inside of a latex balloon to prevent this from happening.

Thanks to their permeability, you can only inflate latex balloons on the day of the event. Thanks to this, you will often need to rush latex balloon displays on the day. Despite this, buying balloons made of latex should always be a strong consideration.

Foil Balloon Advantages

Unlike latex, foil balloons do not deflate so quickly. So you can buy a foil balloon pre-inflated and ready to ship. This makes them a fantastic choice for sending a present or message to someone. This durability is thanks to the material they're made from. Typically, it will be a mylar material covered in foil, making it almost impermeable.

In practical terms, you can create foil balloon displays days before an event. foil balloons are also great for the large variety of shapes in which they are available. When buying balloons for an extra special event, be sure to consider foil!

Disadvantages of Foil Balloons

A foil balloon consists of mylar material. Mylar is synthetic, and isn't considered to be bio-degradable. Additionally, there are currently no practical recycling methods for Mylar. foil balloons also potentially present an electrical hazard thanks to their material. Thus, be sure to keep them away from electrical appliances and outlets.

A foil balloon, while available in many shapes, cannot be "re-shaped". foil balloons are also more expensive than latex balloons. As a result, this could be an issue depending on your budget. Be sure to take these factors into account when buying balloons for your next event.

The Balloon Stop stocks a wide variety of foil and latex balloons. We are also able to create beautiful balloon displays for any and all events. Should you need help with your next event, be sure to Contact Us!