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KINDLY NOTE: We are closed on Mondays. On Sundays we are open only for Pre-Orders. All our balloons are helium filled. Uninflated balloons only sold in packets of 50/100.
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Model: GAR28
Includes Garland on Board with vinyl print on the board, 2 1m mosaic numbers. let us know your colours. board and giant numbers will be collected after the function...
Ex Tax:R3,000.00
Model: GAR02
This is perfect for both indoors and outdoor events, adding that fun but elegant feel.  Price excludes delivery and collection of the cart. we have 3 carts, please check availability before checkout. Dimensions are slightly different for all 3 carts but range between 1.7m height and 1.2m wi..
Ex Tax:R2,700.00
Model: GAR06
Garland on our round board. please leave a note on what to print on the board . Check availability before checkout..
Ex Tax:R2,400.00
Model: BOU07
A stunning bouquet of Metallic Black and chrome Gold balloons. Consists of 10 balloons anchored down by a foil weight...
Ex Tax:R290.00
Model: SET03
10 chrome gold, 10 clear with confetti, 1 big clear bubble with confetti and small balloons inside on 3 weights..
Ex Tax:R850.00
Model: GAR03
have your garland on our beautiful hexagon stand. Price excludes Delivery and collection of stand..
Ex Tax:R2,000.00
Model: GAR14
Clever Space saving decor that is perfect for baby showers and any other occasion...
Ex Tax:R2,200.00
Model: BOBO05
Perfect for any occasion , adding that fun, happy , upbeat mood to the environment...
Ex Tax:R250.00
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