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KINDLY NOTE: We are closed on Mondays. On Sundays we are open only for Pre-Orders. All our balloons are helium filled. Uninflated balloons only sold in packets of 50/100.
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Garlands and Archs

Model: GAR009
2x2m board. vinyl print-one color. Let us know what to print on the boxes..
Ex Tax:R2,450.00
Model: GAR27
1.8m board and 4 wooden white boxes. Includes the print on the vinyl box. please indicate the vinyl print colour...
Ex Tax:R1,950.00
Model: GAR28
Includes Garland on Board with vinyl print on the board, 2 1m mosaic numbers. let us know your colours. board and giant numbers will be collected after the function...
Ex Tax:R2,800.00
Model: GAR26
The Board is White with vinyl print on. the height of the garland/board is 1.8m. Balloon bouquet will match the colours of the garland..
Ex Tax:R1,700.00
Model: GAR91
Boards will be collected after the event..
Ex Tax:R2,000.00
Model: GAR02
This is perfect for both indoors and outdoor events, adding that fun but elegant feel.  Price excludes delivery and collection of the cart. we have 3 carts, please check availability before checkout. Dimensions are slightly different for all 3 carts but range between 1.7m height and 1.2m wi..
Ex Tax:R2,500.00
Model: GAR06
Garland on our round board. please leave a note on what to print on the board . Check availability before checkout..
Ex Tax:R2,200.00
Model: GAR31
2x2m white board, includes vinyl print. the print is wording only...
Ex Tax:R2,600.00
Model: GAR19
Garland on 3 separate boards with vinyl print. We only have the boards in white. Boards are about 2m in height and 1.m across for each board. Let us know the colours of your choice or theme under notes...
Ex Tax:R2,800.00
Model: GARCO001
2 piece boards 1.8m tall and 1.5m wide each, Candy cart and 1 cake stand. Price includes the print on the board..
Ex Tax:R3,750.00
Model: GAR12
1.5m Pastel Wall Garland, bright rainbow colours can be used too. if you need anything printed on the board, we have that option. the board is 1.8m tall..
Ex Tax:R1,200.00
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