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KINDLY NOTE: We are closed on Mondays. On Sundays we are open only for Pre-Orders. All our balloons are helium filled. Uninflated balloons only sold in packets of 50/100.
DISCLAIMER NOTICE: If an item ordered is not available, an alternative will be used.

Balloon Bouquets

Model: BOU28
Bouquet of 10 multi colour balloons on a weight...
Ex Tax:R220.00
Model: BOU33
9 Balloon Bouquet includes X1 of 18inch foil and 7 standard balloons in standard blue and royal blue on a weight..
Ex Tax:R271.00
Model: BOU35
A cute , happy refreshing balloon bouquet includes Large Tropical drink foil, 2 flamingo printed balloons, 2 standard pink balloons, 1 happy birthday printed balloon, 1 pink heart on a weight..
Ex Tax:R490.00
Model: BOU128
includes supershape foil lipstick and 6 printed balloons on a weight..
Ex Tax:R426.00
Model: BOU102
Mixed shades of pinks and purples! Personalized big clear balloon with confetti and small balloons inside, A bouquet of 7 standard balloons all in shades of pink and purple on a weight..
Ex Tax:R554.00
Model: BOU15
8 Balloon Bouquet. Includes 2 hearts, 2 pastel polka dots and 2 pastel pink and 2 white balloons on a weight..
Ex Tax:R328.00
Model: TOW05
Please specify under notes the foil numbers required. maximum 2...
Ex Tax:R1,000.00
Model: BOU39
Includes 1 round pastel lilac orb, 4 chrome purple, 3 lilac polka dots, 2 happy birthday prints on a weight..
Ex Tax:R414.00
Model: BOU38
Perfect gift to cheer someone up!. Includes 2 smileys, 2 pastel yellow, 2 white, 1 white heart, 2 rainbow prints, 1 supershape sun foil on a weight..
Ex Tax:R516.00
Model: TOW03
Candy land theme tower...
Ex Tax:R1,000.00
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